About Us

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia, Hyperpro Australia was established in 2005.

Our purpose is to service the Australian Motorcycle market with a new generation of shock absorbers that are affordable and continuously under development in partnership with Hyperpro in the Netherlands Hyperpro Australia has been developing racing  suspension for over 25 years and has a wealth of experience in suspension technics, motorcycle engineering and set-up service.

Hyperpro Australia helped many teams winning championships in road and off-road racing. We are not only professional in producing shocks, steering damper kits, and spring kits we also prove constantly, that our racing shocks are performing tops, with great achievements worldwide. 

For Twin shock applications, the 362 series is the best choice for racing champions. Hyperpro Australia has a product range to please any customer, ranging from the high-end market to the middle market.

company history

In 1993, The founder of Hyperpro in Europe, Hans Rinner developed the ambitious idea to improve motorbike suspension by thinking ‘progressively’. He spent a year developing his new plans and after that year Hyperpro was established. He started by selling a modest selection of suspension products. However, convincing bike riders of the progressive spring principle proved to be harder than expected. At that time, there was a Kawasaki Z1000 that had a problem: due to the high brake horsepower the frames of the Z1000 were prone to cracking. Hans Rinner therefore decided to replace the standard springs of a Kawasaki Z1000 with progressive springs.

The Hyperpro progressive springs completely solved this problem. A journalist was so impressed by the adjustments that he called the adapted Z1000 bike ‘the best ride ever’. This article was published worldwide in several motoring magazines; this is how it all started. After a few months, the interest in Hyperpro products appeared from an unexpected corner: Japan. This is how a Japanese company called ‘Active’ became the first distributor of Hyperpro.

Several months later, many progressive springs were shipped to Japan. Other countries and distributors followed and a worldwide network of Hyperpro products was born. In the first five years, Hyperpro concentrated itself 100% on manufacturing and selling progressive springs.
At that time, Hyperpro already had more than 600 types of springs in our range. Despite the success, new progressive products were bound to follow. In addition to the progressive springs, the concept to develop a new steering damper emerged in 1998: the speed sensitive steering damper. The idea behind this damper is that slow movements of the handlebar should not be felt, and as soon as the handlebar starts shaking it should keep the motorcycle in line to avoid tank slappers.

What we offer

  • Our top line high-low speed Hyperpro shock absorbers are the highest quality shocks for customers who need fully adjustable suspension with Hi-Low speed compression and rebound adjusters for racing.
  • Hyperpro Australia in Adelaide is well known to get the best out of your motorcycle, be it for track, touring or prototypes
  • Yes, many riders ask us if an Hyperpro suspension upgrade is worth it. The answer is YES. If you want to feel the road through a velvet glove and have your bike inspire confidence you didn’t know you had, then ...
  • Because you are dealing direct with us, you get what you need and you are not paying extra for names or middle men, hence the price difference to Ohlins, Wilbers , Nitron etc.
  • Raising or lowering your bike? Not a problem.
  • Heavy weight or light weight? Just mention it in check out.
  • Special colours to match your joy and pride? Let us know when you order.
  • 24/7 online shop at your fingertips.
  • MON-FRI 9-5 open for phone orders and back up service. 08 82848033


Hyperbike I

The Hyper 1 was invented by our own Hans Rinner and Hans Oosterhoff (TROLL Engineering) in 1992. The bike was exposed on most major bike-exhibitions and has been tested by most of the worlds’ leading motorbike magazines.

Hyperbike II

Is it possible to adapt a three generations old bike, so it will run like a new, modern bike? With this question in mind Hyperpro began the transformation of a twenty-five year old Kawasaki Z1 in 1998.

Hyperbike III

In the year 2000, the latest Hyperbike rolled into the workshop, it was a standard Suzuki GSX-R1100R. First of all, the cylinder capacity was enlarged to 1340cc and with a lot of additional adjustments to the engine, the capacity was increased to 200 BHP in the end.