Hyperpro Improvement Springs - Rear

Product Description

In a perfect world suspension would always react different on your bike. The first half of the spring would be supple and would react flexible so that small bumps and irregularities are absorbed. If the spring would be further compressed, the spring would become more stiff, so that even big bumps and holes in the road would be absorbed and wouldn’t let the shocks and fore forks fuse.
However, for cost-efficiency reasons, new motorbiks are equipped with linear springs. Compressing the top half of this spring takes as much force as compressing the bottom half. The result is that the top of the spring is in fact too rigid and the bottom too supple.
Fortunately, this perfect world exists. Hyperpro produces rising spring rate springs where the first part can be easily compressed, and where compression of the last part is much harder. Also, we design springs that fluently give you the comfortableness or the harness you need at the right time while riding the bike. Learn all about the benefits on this page!

Using good suspension provides more safety on the bike and is one of the cheapest ways to optimize your motorcycle!

Our products are supplied in “plug and play” kits with all information to install and adjust the suspension of the specific motorcycle… your motorcycle!


In order to achieve the full benefit of our suspension products, we made provision in the “Configure” section to address the following points:

-Rider weight

-Passenger and /or luggage weight (if applicable)


-Color scheme-payment options

-Freight Options

-Insurance options

When you order you will receive :
*One spring if your model bike is a single shock model
*Two springs , if your model bike is a twin shock model

Installation Instructions