Height Adjustment

An essential difference!
Fit the bike you want instead of finding a bike you fit on!
Motorbikes are manufactured with the average user in mind. This would be suitable as long as you are the average user. However, if you are taller or smaller than the average user, you may recognize some of the following illustrated problems
You will probably recognize it… stopping at a slope… the trail in front of the traffic lights… I will be able to put my feet on the ground? I will be able to keep the bike straight? The present feeling of no comfort and no trust in yourself and the bike. When riding the bike it’s all about confidence!
With one of our height rising kits you can raise your bike by 20 to 30 millimeters. With a lowering kit you can lower your bike by 30 to 40 millimeters. Lowering the bike can be adjusted by replacing the link-system, however, this only applies to older bikes.
Newer bikes don’t have this link anymore and have the following possible options
Lowered seat (quite expensive and less comfortable)
High shoes (not always a nice solution)
Lowered shock (quite expensive, but with extreme lowering the best solution)
Lowered springs
Also, we supply both very affordable and comfortable solutions. We don’t shorten the springs, because we use our knowledge about progressive springs to lower the bike by designing a special rate spring. At this point the first part is softer so the bike can be lowered with its own weight. After that, the spring rate is designed to perform better than original, without bottoming out.

Hyperpro can lower most of the motorcycles with lowering springs. Like a BMW F800GS for instance, we can lower this bike in steps of 30mm and 50mm with springs and even up to 100mm with usage of a shock. Better riding and fit the bike you want!!!