Hyperpro Combination Linkage Lowering Kit

Product Description

You will probably recognize… stopping at a slope… the trail in front of the traffic lights… will I be able to put my feet on the ground? Will I be able to keep the bike straight? A great feeling of no comfort and no trust in yourself and the bike. When riding the bike it’s all about confidence! This is the reason why Hyperpro started with the production of height adjustment kits. With one of our height rising kits you can heighten your bike by 20 to 30 millimetres. With a lowering kit you can lower your bike by 30 to 40 millimetres. Lowering the bike can be adjusted by replacing the link-system, however, this only applies to older bikes. Newer bikes don’t have this link anymore and have the following possible options:

We can supply:

Also, we supply both very affordable and comfortable solutions. We don’t shorten the springs, because we use our knowledge about progressive springs to lower the bike by designing a special rate spring. At this point the first part is softer so the bike can be lowered with its own weight. After that, the spring rate is designed to perform better than original, without bottoming out. If you choose to use this, together with exchanging the front springs and the rear spring, with use of the original shock, you will have a motorcycle which fits you and has an upgraded suspension! In real terms, this means an essential difference!

Although we carry extensive stock of common springs , not all are ready on hand .Lead times of around 3-4 weeks from date of order may apply


In order to achieve the full benefit of our suspension products, we made provision in the “Configure” section to address the following points:

-Rider weight

-Passenger and /or luggage weight (if applicable)

-Correct Fork Fluid (if needed )

-Color scheme-payment options

-Freight Options

-Insurance options

Please note:

If displayed height kit is not sufficient for you ,you can always choose a purpose built shock option in the shock section of the web-shop.ALL options can be addressed in the “configure+buy ” section

Installation Instructions