Hyperpro Rear Linkage Lowering Kit

Product Description

You will probably recognize… stopping at a slope… the trail in front of the traffic lights… will I be able to put my feet on the ground? Will I be able to keep the bike straight? A great feeling of no comfort and no trust in yourself and the bike. When riding the bike it’s all about confidence! This is the reason why Hyperpro started with the production of height adjustment kits. With one of our height rising kits you can heighten your bike by 20 to 30 millimeters. With a lowering kit you can lower your bike by 30 to 40 milimeters. Lowering the bike can be adjusted by replacing the link-system, however, this only applies to older bikes. Newer bikes don’t have this link anymore and have the following options avaliable: lowered seat (quite expensive and less comfortable) high shoes (not always a nice solution) We supply: linkage plates for specified lowering ammount (see product name) spacers if required installation instructions NO FRAME OR SIDESTAND MODIFICATIONS NEEDED ! Also, we supply both very affordable and comfortable solutions.

Please note:

If displayed height kit is not sufficient for you ,you can always choose a purpose built shock option in the shock section of the web-shop.ALL options can be addressed in the “configure+buy ” section