3612 Adjustable Emulsion Gas Twin (1 pair)

Product Description

Emulsion Rear Shocks - Twin made in Australia. Save money -buy direct

What you receive?

We only stock brand new upgraded suspension components for your bike!

Installation Instructions

Ride Height Adjuster (Shock Length Adjuster)

Length adjustment is a feature we offer on all 3612 series shocks. It allows you to extend the shock from a standard length up to 10mm. It also allows you to fit clevis mounts if needed.

If that feature is for you, just add a “Ride Height Adjuster“ in the checkout section to your order (+$100)

Bearing Mounts vs Rubber Mounts

3612 Shocks are equipped with rubber attachments to fit to your motorcycle. However, you may choose in the checkout section to upgrade to the self-aligning, more durable and smoother bearing upgrade version.

To upgrade select “bearing mounts” in the cart when checking out (+$100).