3612 Adjustable Emulsion Gas Twin (1 pair)

Product Description

Emulsion Rear Shocks - Twin made in Australia. Save money -buy direct

What you receive?

We only stock brand new upgraded suspension components for your bike!

Installation Instructions

Ride Height Adjuster (Shock Length Adjuster)

If that feature is for you, just add a “Ride Height Adjuster“ in the checkout section to your order (+$100) However Length Adjusters shorten the stroke by 10 mm and are only recommended mainly for track use. If you need extra height please opt for longer shocks in the checkout section . 

Length adjustment is a feature we offer on all 3612 series shocks. It allows you to extend the shock from a standard length up to 10mm. It also allows you to fit clevis mounts if needed.

Bearing Mounts vs Rubber Mounts

3612 Shocks are equipped with rubber attachments to fit to your motorcycle. However, you may choose in the checkout section to upgrade to the self-aligning, more durable and smoother bearing upgrade version.

To upgrade select “bearing mounts” in the cart when checking out (+$100).