Hyperpro Street Box Type 460

Product Description

Hyperpro emphasizes the importance of good suspension.
A good suspension setup gives more comfort, but even more important; it gives more safety while riding the bike.
Also, it will cause a shorter braking distance and more stability in the curves, even with a passenger.
Hyperpro Suspension Technology has developed the new Streetbox basic Suspension Kit, an affordable rear shock and fork spring package in kit form .
Engineered, tested and tuned specifically for over 260 different popular sportbikes, standard and sport-tourers built between 1981 and today .Serving 11 top brands. The kit also includes zero friction forksprings ,the correct fork oil, low-friction seal grease and a do it yourself setup instructions we offer to you online
At the heart of this Streetbox package is Hyperpro’s 460-series emulsion shock. It offers 50 positions of rebound damping adjustability and infinite preload settings. The progressively wound spring’s tension is set easily via a threaded collar with an included spanner wrench.
Standard spring color is purple with the option of black (if available )
Matched to each shock is a pair of Hyperpro’s rising-rate fork springs and fork fluid.Like all Hyperpro springs, they have a lifelong warranty. Their spring rate and viscosity are based on each bike’s weight, damping characteristics, chassis geometry and intended use. Low-friction grease is also included to facilitate fork-seal replacement.
To aid customer installation of this do-it-yourself kit, the Streetbox is supplied bike-specific setup data. It contains recommendations for fork oil height, front and rear sag measurements, rebound settings, details on use of fork-spring preload spacers, whether or not to raise or drop fork tubes in the triple clamp and if so, by how much. Live phone support from Hyperpro technicians at HYPERPRO AUSTRALIA is also available for installation and setup help, if needed.
Please nominate your weight when ordering, so we can cater for that , if possible .If you under 70 kg , or over120kg we need to discuss other solutions
Not all Streetboxes are in stock. Backorders can take up to 4 weeks from date of order

All Hyperpro shocks are supplied in the motorcycle’s standard length.
If you do a lot of two-up riding for instance, and/or with a lot of luggage, or if you are simply a light or more robust person, Hyperpro can adjust the shock to the correct weight settings.Please consult us prior to ordering.




The Hyperpro Street box shock has rebound adjustment with 50 clicks, and manual preload adjustment. It has all the benefits of the high performance shocks.Please let us know your weight and height requirements in the checkout section.