Steering Damper Kit HYPERPRO

Product Description

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Your bike reacts the way you’d hope for.
You are riding through the mountains and the road surface is disappearing under your feet at an incredible speed. The ultimate motorbike experience. This is why you love riding a motorbike! You steer from left to right and you thoroughly enjoy yourself. Next, a straight stretch of road and ahead of you there comes a lorry into view. The left lane is free, you push your knees into the fuel tank and open the throttle. You have done this a thousand times before and without any problems. Only this time it’s different, because there are enough bumps in the road to make a Formula 1 car flip over. Just as you’ve passed the lorry, your hands nearly get knocked off the handlebars.

A Hyperpro steering damper reduces this kind of risk to a bare minimum. Tank slappers and vibrations are intercepted by the damper. As a result, you have a bike that steers the way you’re used to and reacts the way you’d hope for in unexpected circumstances. The Hyperpro Steering Damper program is divided into 2 levels, the CSC (Constant Safety Control) steering damper and the RSC (Reactive Safety Control) steering damper. Both steering dampers types are made with the highest precision to guarantee the quality and functioning of the steering damper.

Although we carry extensive stock of common shocks , not all are ready on hand .Lead times of around 3-4 weeks from date of order may apply for old or rare bikes.


The CSC steering damper

This is one of the top products in the range of “regular” steering dampers. It is a linear damping steering damper with 24 clicks to make a fine tuning possible. It gives the rider a comfort in riding, and the assurance of not getting knocked off by the quick steering movements of the bike.

The RSC steering damper

This one is unique of it’s kind and is superior to other steering dampers. It behaves like a linear steering damper, while normal riding and it has all the functionalities of the CSC steering damper. However, when it comes to the real job, like tank slappers and wobbling, whereas the CSC steering damper will control the very quick movements, the RSC will react in a direct way with a lot of extra progressive damping to even-out and cancel the quick movement at the very beginning. This will give you the real support that you need. As we say: “the best steering damper in the world!”

Both types of dampers are equipped with the following features:

Mounting kits

Hyperpro develops mounting kits to mount a steering damper to the bike. Our philosophy tells us that we want a steering damper, when possible, positioned on top of the tank where you can see and easily adjust it. We designed special mounting kits for every bike, because we don’t want you to drill or cut in the bike. Moreover, it is a designed part, so it has to look nice.
All of this gives us a range of over 200 bike specific mounting kits for steering dampers. Mounting kits are available in the colors Hyperpro Gold or Black. If your bike is not in our list, a wide range of clamps and brackets are available to mount into the bike yourself. All parts are developed, designed, manufactured and assembled in our own factory!

1 Set contains:

Damper BRACKET Options (to build your own kit )