Hyperpro Australia (Y.S.S.) provides a one-year warranty on all parts for material in accordance to the following conditions:

Scope of Warranty

This warranty relates to Hyperpro Australia Products and all its  Parts. Hyperpro Australia (herein called Y.S.S.) assures that its products are free of production and material faults that could impact on the functionality of the product, subject to purchasers observing the conditions of use and care. Service work will need to be carried out either every 20’000km or not later than every two years. Servicing of parts can only be carried out by authorised service centres and technicians appointed by Hyperpro Australia. All service work needs to be noted on the original warranty card included, indicating date of service and odometer reading. This warranty covers the redress of all damages or faults covered under this product warranty through repair or replacement of parts. Replaced parts become the property of Y.S.S. Labour and material costs for warranty services will be borne by Y.S.S.( Removing and fitting is NOT included  ) Handling and shipping costs are born by the purchaser. This warranty is valid Australia wide.

Time of Warranty

This warranty commences on the date of purchase. Consideration is given to all warranty claims made within the time of warranty either through an authorised service centre or directly through Hyperpro Australia. This warranty ceases after one  year  even in the event of claims being made under this warranty.

Warranty Claims

Only claims will be considered with proof of purchase (i.e. Receipt, Original Warranty), providing details as to the date of purchase, the product, the dealer, and the product serial number. In addition, the warranty card will need to be produced, showing all service work carried out. Risk of loss or damage during shipment and handling of parts is borne by the purchaser.

Voiding of Warranty

This warranty is void should damage and/or faults arise through undue use and poor care and/or external influences such as damage during transport. Excluded under this warranty are also repairs and modifications of YSS Product parts through unauthorised third parties as well as damage or faults arising from failure to observe service intervals. Excluded are also all products used in competitions.

General Conditions

This warranty describes the legal relationship between the purchaser and Y.S.S. Products. Further damages cannot be awarded unless Law can determine liability. If a claim is to be made it should be logged here in South Australia. This warranty exists in addition to already existing warranty entitlements held by the purchaser. Therefore, the purchaser from the seller can seek contractual or legal warranty entitlements.

Return Policy and Cancellation of Orders

Products purchased can only be fully refunded, should a total mechanical malfunction occur. Optical variations from displayed pictures on the website are possible and Hyperpro Australia reserves the right to change appearances of its products and website images as part of the ongoing product development. Tailor-made orders are not refundable in any way whatsoever, they are made to customers specifications and therefore no refund is given. Hyperpro Australia reserves the right to charge for any changes requested by the customer, be it for a custom order or a modification of a standard default product. Freight costs are born by the purchaser and cancellation of product orders attract a minimum of 20%restocking fee calculated from the total product price ordered for products over the value of $500. Products under the value of $500 will attract a 35% restocking fee. This is valid also for orders placed and then cancelled afterwards online and relates to ALL products available from the website.

Online Shopping Policy - Hyperpro Australia

We advise to read the Privacy Policy for PayPal Services at PayPal Australia. The Online Shopping on Hyperpro Australia Website utilises the secure integrated services of PayPal Australia to provide our customers with purchasing of our products from our website by means of secure online shopping via PayPal. Hyperpro Australia will NOT give your personal information to anybody. We only use your required details for the purpose of transacting upon and responding to your product purchase. Cancellation of orders in general attract a minimum of 10% restocking fee of the total product price ordered. All freight costs are born by the purchaser / refundee. For more information please visit the PayPal Security Centre.

Please be aware that Shipping your purchased goods may take several days to arrive at your location, depending where you are located in Australia.

Shipping is done at receivers risk . If you want your goods insured , please tick “Insurance ” on checkout and the extra cost will be added. YSS Australia will not be liable otherwise for any losses.

NOTE: Orders that need to be shipped OVERSEAS ( USA, South America ( eg. Brazil… ), Europe and the Rest of the World ) can take up to 8 weeks and your funds need to be cleared first before shipping, which can also take a few weeks. We do NOT ship products overseas before your funds are totally cleared.